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Polyteknikkojen radiokerho (PRK) is a student association for Aalto University students who are interested in amateur radio or building electronics by themselves. PRK is also a normal radio club, so non-students are very welcome as well. The name ”Polyteknikkojen RadioKerho (PRK)” is in English something like ”The radio club for technology students”. As you see, we are not just radios, we offer a place to work on electronic circuits also. To make your life easier, you may call our club simply as ”PRK” or radio amateurs may use the callsign OH2TI to identify us. For more information, please join our IRC channel #prk@IRCnet or give us an email: prk <at>

International students with amateur radio certificate

Feel free to visit our club station OH2TI (loc:KP20KE). At the moment, our antenna equipment is slightly limited, but we still have operational radios and antennas for at least HF, 2 m, and 70 cm operations.

Nowadays it’s allowed to have a QSO even without an amateur radio certificate when a certified radio amateur is present at the station (”second operator”). That is, if there’s somebody with HAM licence present at OH2TI, you’re allowed to work (restrictions according to his/her licence applies).

If you have the radio amateur qualification in your home country, you might have CEPT 1 or CEPT 2 class which allows you to use your own radio equipment (and callsign) temporarily in a foreign country (with some restrictions). If you are staying longer and you have a HAREC certificate, you might want to apply your own Finnish callsign. See Viestintävirasto (Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority) for more details.

Where, how and when?

The club station is located in the student village at address Jämeräntaival 3A. The best landmark is our antenna equipment on the roof. If you need directions, just ask someone in Otaniemi for Jämeräntaival 3A  – he/she at least should know it! PICTURE

The club room is in the top floor of the building (next to the Roviosauna) and our electronics workshop is located in the cellar. We have meetings every Thursday evening and there might be people on Tuesdays also (Finnish HAM activity contests are held on Tuesday evenings). Club meeting every Thursday evening at 19:00 (In the club room, JT3A top floor). Welcome!

Sometimes we organize excursions to interesting companies and research units. And of course, because we are in Finland, there might be also special sauna evenings where in addition to sauna some kind of company/technical presentation takes place.

If you think you like our activities, you’re welcome to join us! The membership fee is 10 euros per year. (Can be paid while visiting our club meeting on Thursday or, preferably, by bank transfer). If you are a member, you are allowed to use the radios and all the other equipment at PRK. The PRK membership doesn’t require a HAM license or any electronics experience.

Polyteknikkojen radiokerho ry. is member of The Finnish Amateur Radio League (SRAL) and is a student subassociation of AYY (The Student Union of Aalto University).