Disassembly of Fujitsu-Siemens Scenicview p19-3 monitor


I couldn’t found any instructions how to dismantle this display from any corner of the internet, so I’m posting them on my own.  You need a (suitable) screw driver, two credit cards and maybe a knife.

Main difficulty for dismantling this display is that there isn’t screws which  you could just unscrew. The only four screws in visible on the surface are for the stand. (I managed to dismantle the display stand and two decoration plates and that helped nothing (figure below). )


The right way to get under the surface of the display is to pop-out the joint between dark and white plastic. It doesn’t matter which side of the dark, thin plastic bar you pop-out, either one goes. (It took a nice while to figure that out.)

If you do not want to wreck the plastic edges, do NOT use a plain screw driver (figure above). Two credit cards (or similars) around the screw drives and no single marks are visible, see figures below For achieving the very first slit, you might end up using a knife for that.

IMG_3560 IMG_3561

Afterwards, you just keep on unscrewing visible screws and popping visible hooks. Good luck! The screen I disassembled turned out to be electronic waste.